Immediate Solutions

Immediate Solutions

Despite current highly technological developments, there are still areas in which there are no solutions for certain measurement tasks. Alternatively, existing commercial solutions tend to still be too expensive for further automation in production. Therefore, QED also develops standard solutions for niche areas.

Gnostic64 system

During the course of quality assurance measures, contacts of a multi-pin connector are tested on a vibration table in a climatic chamber. In this way, real operating conditions were simulated, under which the contact interruptions, from 7 ohm, were not to exceed a duration of 200 nsec.

Gnostic64 system

Gnostic64 system

The current on-board high-speed networks and multi-pin connectors used in vehicle construction today have been in need of a new, up-to-date testing concept for a while. It includes

  • a higher time resolution,
  • the receipt of interruption time signals and
  • the recording of trends for a higher number of parallel measurement channels.

And it was precisely this concept that was implemented in the Gnostic64 system.

The Gnostic64 system means it is now also possible to measure shorter interruption times such as 100 nsec with smaller resistance thresholds, e.g. 1 ohm. The trend towards shorter interruption times and lower resistance values is supported by higher demands for quality, such as those required by Flexray.

Technical specifications of the Gnostic64 system

See the Gnostic64 product brochure for further information (including all technical specifications):

Gnostic64 brochure Detailed information on the Gnostic64 system:
Gnostic64 system (PDF, 0.8 MB), english

Product brochure Gnostic64 System, German:
Gnostic64 System (PDF, 0,8 MB) deutsch

Système Gnostic64, French:
Système Gnostic64 (PDF, 0,8 MB), français.

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