Leonardo is a supervisory program that has been designed to control and synchronize your advanced environmental tests. It is based on the GUS Standard Interface for Shaker Control systems, Climatic Chambers, measurement and control systems.

Time Saving

Thanks to the GUS standard interface, connecting to a device that supports the standard, such as a vibration control system or climatic chamber, is straightforward.

Easy and Flexible Programming

The supervisory program uses a script that is based on the status of the devices to load a test program, start the test and to synchronize the devices. The UI (User Interface) requires no programming skills and makes the preparation of a combined test into an easy task.

Automatic Mode

The supervisory program Leonardo offers the possibility of running the combined test in the automatic mode (through the script), as well as offering the option to operate the devices manually.

Delayed Start

A test can be programmed to start later: e.g. a test to be run during the weekend can be prepared and supervised.

Controlled Start

The testing of all devices can either be started all at once or on a "one by one" basis.

Error Handling

When an error on one of the devices occurs, the actions to be taken can be programmed separately. This means that the different installations and rules can be handled within the supervisory program.

Emergency Stop

In the same way, one can programme the actions to be taken when the emergency stop button is activated.


The application is written in such a way that the user interface supports any language. Furthermore, new languages can be added at any time and the translation itself is straightforward.