System Development

Individual System Development

QED develops customer-specific solutions in the fields of measurement, regulation and control technology for testing laboratories and production lines. Our solutions are also innovative and logical, which increases reliability and maintainability.

QED's experience and expertise in various technical fields and industries ensure an optimum solution. Here are some examples of our work:

Test System in Airbag Production

QED developed a control system for shock tests in the production of airbag sensors. For a number of years, the systems have run continuously and reliably in a 3-shift operation. An innovation from QED synchronises the measurements very precisely with the shock test. This innovation is currently offered as a standard function in the vibration controller.

For further information on this system also see these publications:

Reconditioning and Maintaining a Climatic Chamber

Faults were occurring regularly in an existing climatic chamber - it was very unreliable. Therefore, the entire control system and electrical installation was overhauled. At the same time, a soft-start system for the drive motor of the fan was installed. Further measures to improve the reliability of the system have meant that the investment in a completely new climatic chamber, which once seemed necessary, could be cancelled.

Climatic Wind Tunnel Control System

During the general overhaul of a climatic wind tunnel of a well-known car manufacturer, a new control and regulation system was installed. QED assumed the project direction for this system and reworked the design of the regulation system. In the process, QED developed an innovative solution for the double-valve control of the cooling system and the humidity regulator. A special function for the temperature transitions was also worked into the regulation concept. QED was responsible for the whole commissioning process.

EMC Chamber

The customer was looking for a cost-effective solution for in-house EMC testing. Thanks to its flexibility and international connections, QED could deliver an efficient solution.